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President's Message

Nobuhiko Fukunaga Sign

Nobuhiko Fukunaga

Meeting Market Needs with Strengths

Nippon Bearing has strength in :
・Providing products with high-level and stable quality
・Designing products to meet customer needs
・Offering a wide range of products
To adapt to the evolving market environment, we continue to refine our strengths.

We meticulously address various needs such as market expansion in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and inspection devices, further promotion of automation, equipment downsizing, and reduction of environmental impact, leveraging our strengths. We ensure that our service allows our customers to experience Nippon Bearing as an indispensable partner, striving to uphold the "NB inside" value through trial and error.

While maintaining our strengths, to compete in the global market, we recognize the importance of close collaboration with all the stakeholders involved. This includes ensuring stable material procurement, establishing cooperative systems with production partners, improving our communication with trading companies, agent and end-users for improved production planning and new product development.

We actively engage with you and strive to maintain and expand the presence of "Made in Japan" and "Japan Inside" in a market where change and its pace are accelerating.