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SGW type

The NB SLIDE GUIDE SGW type is a linear motion bearing utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements along four rows of raceway grooves. Its low height and wide profile makes it suitable for single-rail applications.

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The NB SLIDE GUIDE SGW type consists of a rail with four precisely machined raceway grooves and a block assembly. The block assembly consists of the main body, ball elements, retainers, and return caps.

High Load Capacity and Long Life

The raceway grooves are machined to a radius close to that of the ball elements. The larger contact area resulting in a high load capacity and a long travel life.

Anti-Corrosion Specification

The rail and block assembly can be treated with low temperature black chrome treatment to increase the corrosion resistance. This treatment is standardized with the symbol "LB", and suitable for use in clean room applications.

High Allowable Moment

Its wide profile enables it to sustain high moment loads, making it suitable for single-rail applications.

Dust Prevention

Side-seals are provided as standard. To improve the dust prevention characteristics, under-seals and rail mounting caps are also available.

Omni-Directional Load Capacity

The ball elements are positioned at 45° contact angle so that the load capacity is equal in four directions (above, below, right and left).

Extension of Relubrication Period
by Fiber Sheet

A lubricant-containing Fiber Sheet incorporated in the block supplies appropriate amount of lubricant to the raceway grooves, which significantly extends the lubricant replenishment interval.

Smooth Motion

The large number of effective ball elements produce a smooth rolling motion.

Structure of SGW type SLIDE GUIDE

Two SGW block types are available depending on the mounting space and desired mounting method.