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The NB TOPBALL is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements. NB's self-aligning TOPBALL can be designed into many different applications such as factory automated equipment, machine tools, industrial machines, electrical equipment, optical and measuring instruments.

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Higher Load Capacity and Longer Travel life

NB's uniquely designed load plate provides circular arch contact to the ball element resulting in a greater dispersion of the load, enabling TOPBALL to provide up to three times the load capacity therefore 27 times the travel life of conventional slide bushings.

Self Aligning Capability

Load plates are thinner at the ends to provide a pivot point at the center of the plate. The center acts as a fulcrum to compensate for any slight misalignment between the shaft and the housing bore that might be caused by inaccurate machining, mounting errors or shaft deflection.

Floating Seal

NB's unique floating seal design allows for selfalignment while maintaining equal and constant contact to the shaft. Seals do not add to the overall length of the bushing allowing for more compact designs.

High Speed

TOPBALL meets high speed requirements. The maximum speed is 180m/min.

Clearance Adjustable

TOPBALL load plates are designed to "float" in the outer sleeve which allows for clearance between the ball elements and shaft to best suit application requirements.


This is a TOPBALL with a housing. The housing has the most appropriate bore tolerance that optimizes TOPBALL's performance.