The NB SLIDE WAY is a non-circulating linear motion bearing with precision rollers. It is mainly used in optical and measuring instruments that require high precision.



The NB SLIDE WAY NV type consists of a precision ground raceway and an R-retainer (made of resin) with built-in stud rollers. The NV type slideways are composed of a precision ground raceway and a roller cage. The SV and SVW types consist of a precision ground raceway and roller cage. Since precision rollers are used for the rolling elements and the rolling elements do not circulate, fluctuations in frictional resistance are minimal, and even under light loads, there is almost no difference between starting frictional resistance and dynamic frictional resistance.

Ideal for micro feed

Frictional resistance is extremely small, and the difference between starting friction and dynamic friction is almost negligible, so that even minute feeds are accurately followed, resulting in a high-precision linear motion mechanism.

Low-speed stability

The extremely small fluctuation of frictional resistance even under light loads enables stable operation from low to high speeds.

High rigidity and high load capacity

The rollers have a larger contact area than steel balls, resulting in less elastic deformation, and the non-circulation system has a larger number of effective rolling elements, resulting in high rigidity and high load capacity. The NV type also has a new raceway design that increases the contact length between the rollers and the raceway surface by 30 to 58% compared to the SV type, and a finer roller pitch and a larger number of rollers, resulting in a 1.3 to 2.5 times higher rated load capacity.

High rigidity and high load capacity

Low noise

The slideway operates quietly with no noise generation in the circulation section and no contact noise between rolling elements due to the use of a cage.

All stainless steel

The SVS and SVWS and NVS-RNS types of corrosion-resistant slideways use stainless steel for all components, making them ideal for use in clean rooms.

NV type stud roller system (roller structure with studs)

This is a new concept system that prevents roller slip during operation by incorporating an anti-slip function in the roller and the raceway that guides the roller. This system can be used in all kinds of postures.

NV type stud roller system (roller structure with studs)



This product consists of a set of 4 raceways and 2 R retainers. The table can be freely designed and used in accordance with the intended use.


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The SVS type consists of four raceways and two R type roller cages with precision rollers built on a cross.


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One set consists of one W type raceway with V-grooves on both sides, two SV type raceways, and two R type roller cages. The all-stainless steel SVWS type is also available.


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