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The NB ball spline SSP-AM type has a smaller spline-nut diameter compared to the conventional SSP type nut on the same shaft diameter. The SSP-AM type is best suited for the chip-mounter head device and the multiaxial applications.
Anti-corrosion type is also available.

Figure 1 Structure and Advantages of SSP-AM type


A Set of Spline Nut and Spline Shaft
Please make sure to align the NB marks when inserting a nut to a shaft.

Fit between Spline Nut and Housing
The transition fit (J6) is selected for a high accuracy application. The clearance fit (H7) is selected if high accuracy is not required.

Insertion of Spline Nut
When inserting a spline nut into the housing, carefully insert the nut so as not to hit the return cap or seal ring.

How to Fix the Spline Nut
To fix the SSP4AM nut, as Figure 2 shows, please use M2 screw. Please pay attention not to over-tighten the screw. While tightening, make sure of the nut smooth movement by stroking the shaft. To fix the SSP5AM nut, please use either the provided key, a retaining ring or a push plate.

The NB ball spline is measured for accuracy at the points shown in Figure 4.