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SLIDE WAY NV and NVT types

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Non-slip! STUDROLLER system (Rivet Roller Structure)

The STUDROLLER system is based on a new concept to provide complete prevention of roller cage slippage during operation. This system permits usage in all orientations and positions.

Non-slip STUDROLLER System

The newly-conceived, built-in STUDROLLER system completely eliminates slippage inside the product and permits usage in all orientations, and accommodates extremely high acceleration and deceleration.

Compatibility with Conventional Types

The same dimensions as the SLIDE WAY SV type enable complete compatibility between the two series.

Smooth Movement

The optimum design of the roller raceway and the R-retainers provides a quiet and smooth movement.

High Rigidity and High Load Capacity

With new NV rail design, the roller contact area is increased by 42 to 58%. The number of effective rollers is increased by narrowing the roller pitch. Thus, the NV type has the load rating that is 1.4 to 2.3 times that of the SV type.

New Innovation: The STUDROLLER System

The NV Type slide way incorporates the STUDROLLER system and resin retainers, which gives it the following advantages in comparison to the conventional SV type.

Promotional Video

STUDROLLER Presentation Video

Please play the video to watch NB's Innovative Anti-Cage Creep STUDROLLER System.


NB SLIDE WAY NV typeThe NV type SLIDE WAY consists of a set of four rails, two R- retainers, and eight end pieces. It permits flexible design of the table which will best suit your application.


NB SLIDE TABLE NVT typeThe NVT type SLIDE TABLE incorporates the NV type SLIDE WAY. The table and bed have been precision machined to provide a high degree of accuracy and the product can be used, without any need for troublesome accuracy or preload adjustments.

* Please refer to PDF catalog for details of accuracy and load ratings.