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For the NB slide guides' type SGL and SGW, fiber sheet is available to greatly extend the refilling time interval and to significantly improve durability under malicious conditions where the dust particles that absorb the lubricant are present. The fiber sheet is embedded within the block that the blcok's outer and assembly dimensions are unaltered and hence it is interchangeable with the existing line of products and render the design change

Simplified Lubrication Management

NB's Fiber Sheet is a fiber material with a porous structure containing the lubricant oil. The oil is supplied
to the ball elements at the proper time and with the proper amount by the principle of capillarity, greatly
increasing the relubrication period.
Durability Test

Outstanding Durability Even Under Poor Operating Conditions

An acceleration test was performed with oil absorbing material sprayed on the units to validate the SGL
type's lubrication performance and durability even under poor operating conditions.
Lubrication Acceleration Test